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Photo:  Pixabay.com

Photo: Pixabay.com

Photo by:  Daniel Hornkvern

Photo by: Daniel Hornkvern

Photo by:  Superfamous Studios  Art by :   Isak Falkenér Bertheussen

Photo by: Superfamous Studios
Art by: Isak Falkenér Bertheussen

Photo by:  Daniel Hornkvern

Photo by: Daniel Hornkvern

Name: Didrik Carlsson
Age: 23
City: Elverum
Birthplace: Elverum

Tell us your story Didrik (Dicala)?
My name is Didrik, I’m a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from Elverum, Norway.

How did you become a musician / Producer?
Good question! I’ve always loved music, and when I was like 12 years old, I tried drums for the first time. At that time I knew I was going to be a musician in some way or another. I got into music producing when i was 16/17 years old, and started making beats for other artists - thats how it all began.

Tell us about your work as producer?
My work as a producer is basically to create and produce music. I’m producing music for myself under the artist name "Dicala", but I also produce music for other artists. I also do recordings for other artists/singers/musicians as well.

Your Song Fooled, what is it about?
«Fooled» is a track I made a while ago, featuring the amazing "Sammi Constantine" who also wrote the lyrics. To me its some kind of "love story". A "relationship" where one person is playing with the other person’s feelings.

What is your goals for 2018?
My goal for 2018 is to finish projects I’ve been working on, do a lot more gigs, and making new connections.and of course, produce a lot more music!

Do you have any secrets, any new work to share with the crowd?
I’m currently producing a couple of tracks with this amazing singer. We’ve just been having fun in the studio. Playing around with ideas. Can’t wait to get it finished, and get it out there! I also have a lot of new originals which are done soon.

Where are you in 5 years?
Hopefully at the top!

What person(s) would you like to spent 2minutes with, if you could choose?
Tough question.. Maybe Tommy Lee from the band "Mötley Crüe", Skrillex, Diplo, or Savant.